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Discover how we can assist you with your home design, creating a space that is both unique, beautiful and functional. Whether it involves renovating an apartment or decorating a specific room, our interior design projects are tailored to your individual preferences, offering a comprehensive and detailed approach. Our process is designed to be simple, seamless, and transparent, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for you.

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Exterior design

Full interior design

Get a turn-key project fully developed and managed by RIMA. In this comprehensive service, our team designs the space and executes the project, with a higher level of detail and personalisation. Whether it's a rehabilitation or decoration, RIMA takes responsibility for managing all tasks, including construction, purchases, storage, deliveries, and installations.
Full Interior Design - RIMA Design
Essential Interior Design - RIMA Design

Essential interior design

In this option, we design the space and carefully choose the necessary products to carry out your interior design or renovation project, without the execution phase. This service is suitable for projects with limited construction and/or long-distance clients who have project management handled by another provider. Experience interior design customisation by receiving all the essential elements in a simple and concise project, always with the RIMA's signature. Experience interior design customisation by receiving all the essential elements in a simple and compact project, always with RIMA's signature.

Online consultations

Schedule one or multiple consultations with members of our design team and address specific questions about your project or construction. Whether you're seeking tips, advice, or products, prepare your questions and space materials and gain access to the answers you're looking for from experienced professionals, following the design guidelines of our studio.

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How it works

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The first step is to send us an email or message through our form, stating the goals of your project, and sharing the floor plan of the space, and some photographs.


Briefing and Survey

To start the project, we gather all the necessary information through a comprehensive briefing and a detailed site survey visit.


Creative Development

We develop the project creatively, seeking the best interior solutions to make your space more functional, harmonious, and elegant.


Execution Project

From defining materials and finishes to furniture listings, our execution proposal is comprehensive, including final budgets and a project execution plan.



Upon receiving your approval, we proceed with the project implementation, taking full responsibility for all management, in a hassle-free and convenient process for you.


Delivery and Evaluation

With a turn-key service, we deliver your space ready to use. Enjoy it and give us your feedback!

“Excellence! There is no other way to rate this team! The care, attention to detail, and taste that the team put into designing my home project in Costa de Caparica will accompany me for the rest of my life. They went above and beyond to meet the needs of my family with utmost dedication (...) I am certain that it was only the unmatched commitment from RIMA Design and the way they made this project their own that made my dream a reality. I will always highly recommend your work!”

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