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The importance of design in workspaces and its impact on the well-being and performance of employees is increasingly recognised. Great design has become key in keeping people engaged with the company culture and work. That’s why, at RIMA, we design office spaces focused on people. Our interiors are recognised by their functionality, design, and an expression of companies' image and culture. Whether it's updating furniture, organising the space, or completely redesigning the entire office, RIMA is the ideal partner for your project.

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Our designs foster innovation and collaboration, and it is with this focus in mind that we bring new spaces to life. Depending on the daily activities and goals of the people interacting in the space, we adapt our design to meet the needs of each team, always with the aim of boosting productivity and well-being.
Escritórios - As pessoas no centro
Escritórios - Organização de Espaços

Space organisation

Creating a logical and organised space that operates like a well-oiled machine is a fundamental aspect of all our projects. We strive to achieve a seamless harmony by carefully considering various factors, such as passage corridors and the number of workstations. Whether it involves accommodating more team members, reconfiguring social spaces, or introducing new rooms, organisation of the space layout is essential for it to function effectively.

Simplicity and functionality

Functionality is at the core of everything we design. Our spaces are characterised by simplicity in design, as we like to uncomplicate things. Everything needs to be intuitive, whether it's in the furnishing or how the space is used on a daily basis. Innovation is a constant, from the creative process to implementation, ensuring that our projects stand out for their uniqueness.
Escritórios - Simplicidade e Funcionalidade

“We hired RIMA Design for the renovation of our workspace; we wanted to make it more functional, comfortable, and bright, and have more storage. RIMA's proposal exceeded our expectations, introducing details that greatly enhanced the room. Despite delays from a supplier, unrelated to RIMA, the execution of the project was still excellent. RIMA made the entire process smooth and minimised any disruptions to our work. We are thrilled with the final result, and visitors to our space have also praised it. We will not hesitate to recommend RIMA Design's work.”


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How it works

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The first step is to send us an email or message through our form, stating the goals of your project, and sharing the floor plan of the space, and some photographs.


Briefing and Survey

To start the project, we gather all the necessary information through a comprehensive briefing and a detailed site survey visit.


Creative Development

We develop the project creatively, seeking the best interior solutions to make your space more functional, harmonious, and elegant.


Execution Project

From defining materials and finishes to furniture listings, our execution proposal is comprehensive, including final budgets and a project execution plan.



Upon receiving your approval, we proceed with the project implementation, taking full responsibility for all management, in a hassle-free and convenient process for you.


Delivery and Evaluation

With a turn-key service, we deliver your space ready to use. Enjoy it and give us your feedback!

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