In all our projects, our commitment is to offer a straightforward and stress-free process with expert guidance. Using all our creativity to find the best design solutions and guiding our clients through that journey. Each project is tailored to the client’s goals, space, and budget, ensuring utmost transparency throughout the entire process.

In any of the segments we operate in, our studio offers full interior design services, from initial space planning and concept development to final execution. Explore our range of services and discover how we can assist with your interior design project.

Residential Design

At RIMA, we assist our clients in creating a personalised, inspiring space that aligns closely with its intended purpose. We achieve this through intuitive and hassle-free processes, encompassing space design, remodeling, and decoration.

Office Design

The importance of the work environment and its impact on an organization's performance and culture is increasingly recognised. That’s why, at RIMA, we design spaces that are human-centered. Whether it's updating furniture, organising the space, or completely redesigning any room, discover how we can assist with your project.

Commercial Design

With a multidisciplinary and experienced team, we develop memorable commercial spaces, creating great experiences for people to interact with brands and products. Our holistic and comprehensive projects make a difference in the success of both a brand and a space.