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    What is an interior design project?

    An interior design project is a set of studies aimed at bringing more comfort, functionality, and beauty to the interior of a building. The project encompasses all the elements that make up an interior space, such as walls, flooring, ceiling, electrical and plumbing installations, as well as furniture and decor. Similar to an architectural project, interior design can be developed for residential environments, as well as offices, commercial spaces, or others. It is an essential work that ensures the proper use of spaces and provides more pleasant and functional spaces for its users. At RIMA, we deliver a complete and detailed final project, consisting of mood boards, concept boards, 3D images, technical details, and material and product listings.

    What are the advantages of hiring an interior design studio?

    The interiors of a space are infinitely complex in all the variables that compose them. One of the main reasons to choose to work with an interior designer is that it is a very technical job with many variables besides the aesthetics, even though it is often not perceived as such. Additionally, an interior designer has a network of partners and suppliers and knows how to manage them in the context of a project to make it happen. Ultimately, the vast majority of clients save time, money, and stress by having an interior designer by their side who guides them throughout the process, provides advice, and assists them in making decisions.

    What type of services are offered?

    At RIMA, we create interior design projects for all types of spaces and offer project execution services for those projects. For more details on the types of projects we offer, please visit our services page. If you do not wish to have a full project, you can opt for receiving advice through our interior consultations service (exclusively online).

    Do you work on projects across the country?

    Yes. RIMA is based in Lisbon, but we accept projects from anywhere in the mainland. In certain areas of the country, it may not be possible for us to execute the projects directly, but we are always available to provide support to the company responsible for the construction.

    Do you do projects outside of Portugal and in the islands?
    Yes, most of the time we work remotely but, just like in certain areas of Portugal, we are unable to execute projects abroad. However, our projects are highly comprehensive and detailed, providing all the necessary information for any construction company to execute them with our remote guidance as needed.
    How much does an interior design project cost?
    The cost of an interior design project can vary depending on its type. The fees are calculated based on the space size and type and the estimated hours of work required to design them.
    What does an interior decoration project include?

    A decoration project consists of several phases, during which we will develop the following documents:

    • Proposal agreement document
    • Mood boards and color palettes
    • General 2D layouts
    • 3D images
    • Lighting design
    • Floor plans and technical details
    • Sections and carpentry details
    • Project schedule
    • Final budget
    What does an interior renovation project include?

    An interior remodel project consists of several phases, during which we will develop and provide the following documents:

    • Proposal agreement document
    • Mood boards and color palettes
    • General 2D layouts
    • 3D images
    • Electrical plan
    • Lighting plan
    • Specialised projects as needed
    • Floor plans and technical details
    • Sections and details of finishes/floorings
    • Sections and carpentry details
    • Bill of quantities
    • Final budget
    How can I request a proposal for a project?

    To request a proposal for a project, please get in touch with us using the form above. Kindly provide us with the necessary details, including the floor plan of the space, and photographs. Alternatively, you can send us an email at, briefly describing your project and its goals, and attaching the floor plan and photographs.

    How long does it take to receive a quote proposal for the project?

    The timeframe for sending project quotes can range from 3 to 10 business days.

    How long can it take for my project to start?

    The project starts with a briefing questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your preferences and needs. Following that, we will schedule an onsite visit (if applicable) to gather all the necessary information about the space. Our team will carefully analyse all the details, and within approximately 15 business days of the site visit, the project will start being developed in our studio.

    Do you accept small projects?

    At RIMA, we accept projects of all sizes. However, please note that our availability may vary depending on the workload of ongoing projects at the time. To inquire about our current availability and confirm if the timelines are feasible for you, please send us an email to

    Can I request changes to the design? What happens if I don't like the proposal?

    Our project development process is innovative and designed with the client's experience in mind. We provide multiple phases and mechanisms in place where the project team can receive feedback in an easy, organic, and real-time manner. Throughout each phase of the project, we facilitate discussions and involve the client to ensure we receive relevant feedback and produce accurate outputs with our designs. There is no limit to the number of changes until the client approves a design.

    Can RIMA hire contractors and manage vendors for me?

    You can leave the hiring and procurement up to us in the districts of Lisbon, Setúbal, and Santarém. However, for projects outside of this area, we recommend contacting us via email to confirm the availability of our team.

    Instead of a full project, can I receive just consultation?

    For consultation services, we recommend our interior design consultation service. These consultations are conducted exclusively online and are offered on a one-time basis. During a 60-minute video call, one of our designers will provide advice and guidance on a specific space. ​ During this time, clients can ask any questions and receive suggestions and advice from a designer. To schedule a consultation or learn about this service, please email us at

    I would like to buy an item I saw in one of your projects. How can I do that?

    If you would like to purchase an item that you saw in one of our projects or on our blog, please send us an email to to place an order or request more information. We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

    How can I clarify any other questions?

    We are available to answer your questions via email, phone, or WhatsApp. Our contacts can be found here.

    How can I pay for the services and/or products?
    The available payment methods include bank transfer, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, among others (for customers outside of Portugal).

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