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Sustainable Decor: 7 Decoration Brands You Really Need to Know

With the overwhelming flow of brands emerging daily on our radar, it can be a challenge to choose the right one. But faced with a seemingly endless sea of options, why not prioritise sustainable, local, and traditional options to bring more charm and comfort to our homes?

If adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is a recurring thought for you, then investing in natural and ethically responsible decoration could be the way to go! 😄

At RIMA, we select partners who not only care about producing wonderful collections and products but also aim to have a positive impact on the environment, society, and the future 💚🌎 And today we share with you our top 7 of the moment!

Scroll down to discover some decoration brands we love and that share our sustainable vision 🌱 🤭


Sala de estar a usar um tapete da Loloi rugs


Established in 2016, Azulcer brings together the expertise and dedication of a specialised team in crafting artisanal tiles to create unique tiles that reflect Portugal’s traditional heritage. In addition to the high quality of their pieces, we highlight the sustainable philosophy of this national brand, dedicated to seeking better ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while reimagining waste. 🤩♻️


azulejos da Azulcer

Costa Nova

A national brand that captures the charm of the Mediterranean, while producing innovative and sustainable stoneware, made from Portugal’s finest natural resources. The dishes, glasses, and kitchen utensils from Costa Nova convey the simplicity and lightness of seaside life and add a touch of elegance to any table.

We especially love the Ecrogres line, with products made from recycled materials sourced from ceramic surplus and by-products 🥰🍽️


serviços de mesa da costa nova


Driven by a fascination with Nordic style and life, Bloomingville is one of our favorite European brands. With a strong sustainable philosophy and a great focus on social responsibility, this brand combines Danish design with current Nordic trends, embodying the charm of Scandinavian design.


cadeirão da bloomingville

New Terracotta

With deep roots in the history of Portuguese ceramics, New Terracotta is more than a brand; it’s an artistic project that blends technology, craftsmanship, and experimentation. Embrancing naturalism and simplicity, they remain true to the artisanal tradition and its profound humanistic values, committed to preserving and reimagining this age-old craft. Their products are unique and timeless, reflect a passion for terracotta, adding beauty and authenticity to our projects.


azulejos da new terracotta

Affari of Sweden

Affari of Sweden was born out of the desire to create unique sensations through craftsmanship, paired with captivating materials and colors. Currently, the brand offers a wide range of collections, but it’s the vintage products that we’re most passionate about 🪑😍 During their numerous travels around the world, they take the opportunity to meet local artisans and discover the traditions and stories of each culture. It’s in these extraordinary encounters that they find unique products and the inspiration to recycle pieces, reuse materials, and experiment with new techniques to create their collections.


jarras da Affari of Sweden


A brand that combines style and social responsibility, creating handmade pieces in India that instantly elevate any space. With a simple yet thoughtful approach, this brand produces timeless rugs and pillows for modern homes through a centuries-old artisanal process. Every step of the production is done by hand, keeping alive this time-honored tradition and ensuring  a more responsible, ethical, and sustainable production.


Tapete da loloi Rugs

Torres Novas

Last but certainly not least, the century-old Torres Novas – a Portuguese brand founded in 1845, which embodies the luxury of the national textile tradition. Its high-quality towels and sheets bring comfort to bedrooms and bathrooms and are always present in our projects.

With a long history and vast legacy and know-how, Torres Novas has managed to reinvent itself over time, maintaining its incomparable quality. We admire its initiatives for social and environmental responsibility, including donations of items to the associations Comunidade Vida e Paz and União Zoófila, as well as their commitment to national and sustainable production.


toalha de praia da Torres Novas


At RIMA, we create timeless, organic, and functional spaces, but above all, sustainable ones. This is another invitation to embark on this journey with us, exploring decoration brands and products that not only elevate the design of our spaces but also promote a genuine commitment to a greener and more conscious future. Will you join us? 💚🌱 

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