PromoEsport Portugal: Discover the Rehabilitation and Decoration Project of this Office

renovação de escritórios da promoesport em tons de brancos e vermelhos; cadeiras da sala de reuniões em tons brancos e vermelhos

At RIMA, we have a portfolio of various office projects, each with its own objectives and unique style. The most recent one is for PromoEsport, an international football agency with a team of 4 people in Portugal.

This was another significant challenge for RIMA, where we first applied sports-inspired design combined with Nordic style and, of course, functionality.

The design of this office in Tagus Park included a strong sports element, which we highlighted through various elements, including a corner with synthetic grass, a vinyl graphic of a football player, and the company’s logo. Design and style, which are never overlooked, were marked by a clean aesthetic and minimalist elements, as well as the contrast between light tones and bold colours, enhancing the sports-inspired look and feel.

Before the interventation of RIMA, this space was a large, open area with no partitions, carpeted floors, and outdated lighting. We began with renovation work, where the entire flooring, electrical wiring, and lighting were renewed and adapted to the new office layout.

We identified the needs of PromoEsport’s employees and deemed it essential to create four distinct areas: a waiting area, a “break” area, a work area, and a meeting room.

Below, you can discover more details and insights about each area and see the final result of this project 🙂

Waiting Area

The main objective of this office was to receive guests and hold meetings, so creating a waiting area was essential. This area was optimized and turned into a waiting zone. However, at RIMA, we value flexibility to facilitate and maximize space usage, so this area also serves as a support zone for employees to use as needed, such as for phone calls.

renovation of promoesport's offices in shades of white and red; white table and white chairs with plant and custom vinyl wall for the company

Meeting Room

The meeting room was one of the most important spaces in the office, so we placed one of the key highlights of the space here: a vinyl graphic that evokes football and PromoEsport’s business area. In bold red and large dimensions, this element has a strong visual impact, so we chose to keep the rest of the decor light. But even minimalist decor can have rich and interesting details. The chair legs, for example, allowed us to play with shapes and add an unexpected detail without introducing more colours, textures, or materials, contributing to the overall harmony of the space. The choice of glass as a way of dividing the space allowed us to define different zones without losing the lightness and spaciousness of the office, not least because it was a small area.

renovation of promoesport's offices in shades of white and red; white table and white chairs with plant and custom vinyl wall for the company

Break Area

This is an essential area in any office, contributing to the well-being and, consequently, the productivity of employees. We opted for Nordic lines and light tones in a piece of furniture where cups, coffee capsules, and other snacks can be stored, perfect for mid-morning or afternoon breaks. The benches with red seats contrast with the synthetic grass and contribute to the sporty mood, consistent throughout the space. We also highlighted the PromoEsport logo, strategically placed in this area, as the office’s entrance provides full visibility of this wall.

Work Area

In this area, Nordic-style furniture in neutral and soft tones stands out, perfectly matched with the brand’s colours. Red is especially prominent thanks to the vinyl and the details of the tables and chairs. The bold colours helped reinforce the brand’s image, offering a fun, youthful, and sporty look.

promoesport office renovation in shades of white and red; eco-firendly/green solutions in the office; meeting room in shades of white and red
renovation of promoesport offices in shades of white and red; meeting room chairs in shades of white and red

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