Rehabilitation Project for a 3-bedroom Apartment

Reabilitação de cozinha minimalista em open space com armários brancos e amarelos

Today, we finally share the story of Casa da Colina, which has received so much love on our social media. Located in Lisbon, Casa da Colina was an old apartment with approximately 90m2 and a T3 typology that required some renovations.

The Layout

We began by analyzing the floor plan of the space. The house had an entrance hall and two corridors that made it feel divided, dark, and with unusable areas. We decided to demolish one of the corridors and the corresponding closet to reorganize the space and the rooms of the house.

With this demolition, we shifted the layout of the space to the left and created an open space on the right, with the kitchen and living room, where there used to be a bedroom, a kitchen, and part of a corridor. We also enlarged the kitchen window to allow even more light into the apartment. The result is a more spacious, modern, and luminous apartment.

A Casa da Colina – Projeto de reabilitação de apartamento T3

The Finishes

At RIMA, we take pride in creating unique and personalized spaces. In private homes, we make every effort to ensure that the finishes, decor, and details express the personality and taste of the residents while incorporating our curation. Casa da Colina was no exception. In this apartment, we conveyed this personality through original finishes and unexpected combinations, creating a unique and modern home.

Detalhes de bancada de cozinha com torneira dourada

In the kitchen, we chose to blend different styles that, although distinct, coexist harmoniously in this space. The upper part features a minimalist design with straight-lined, grain-toned lacquered cabinets, while the lower part incorporates white cabinets with frames and brushed champagne-colored handles, resembling seashells.

The white marble countertop and backsplash evoke a more luxurious style, emphasized by the gold faucet, also featuring simple and fluid lines. This detail sets the tone for the bathrooms, with faucets and showers in the same style. Here, the geometric floor in shades of terracotta and grain steals the spotlight, so we opted for white tiles on the walls, a simpler finish that is also timeless. Finally, the custom-made wood furniture without legs, for a lighter effect, and topped with white marble, harmonize perfectly with all the elements and add a cozy touch we love.

For those who haven’t seen all the details of this apartment yet, you can check out the photos of Casa da Colina here.. here. And if you’re already dreaming of a new home, feel free to contact us – we love turning dreams into reality 🙂

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