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Home Office Must-haves: Key pieces to Decorate your Home Office

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If your “home office” is still the sofa or the kitchen table, perhaps it’s time to rethink it 😅. Creating a dedicated work environment is a good way to increase productivity and facilitate our creativity and concentration when working from home. It may seem like a challenging task, but all you need is a small corner with enough space for a desk, and with the right items, you can build the perfect home office!

So, if you want to make your home workspace more functional and comfortable, start by investing in essential items for decorating your office. For example, having a comfortable chair and a desk at the right height will help us maintain a healthy posture, ensuring our well-being throughout the day – and that’s halfway to being more focused and having a productive day 🤓.

To help you create the perfect home office, we have selected some decoration products from our favorite brands. From ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, desk lamps, and organization solutions, these decoration suggestions are ideal for creating a beautiful, modern, and comfortable home office.

Explore our slection and get inspired!

Shopping list:

Home Office

Decorating essentials to create the perfect home office.

Steelcase - Gallery Desk

Steelcase - Lamp with Adujustable Lighthing

Ferm Living - Scenery Pinboard in Linen

Zara Home - Stacionery Clip

Steelcase - Ergonomic Chair

Bloomingville - Notebook

Bloomingville - Set of 2 decorative paper boxes

Bloomingville - Pencil Holder

Ferm Living - Set of 4 bookends

Ferm Living - Stationery Tray

Bloomingville - Magazine Holder

Kave Home - 100% Linen Cushion Cover

Ferm Living - Decorative Lamp

Bloomingville - Magazine Holder

House Doctor - Clay Cup

IKEA - Black Metal Trolley

Bloomingville - Set of 2 Storage Boxes

Steelcase - Height-adjustable Desk

Bloomingville - Document Holder

Kave Home - Cotton and Linen Cushion Cover

Steelcase - Ergonomic Chair

Bloomingville - Decorative Resin Box

Ferm Living - Laptop Sleeve

Bloomingville - Recycled Cotton Blanket


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