5 tips to decorate your exterior space

espaço exterior com duas cadeiras do estilo mediterrâneo com toalha e piscina

There is a growing concern about making our homes more comfortable and functional, adapting them to our needs and lifestyles – and outdoor spaces are no exception. Balconies, terraces, yards, and gardens are highly appreciated spaces as they allow us to relax outdoors and be in contact with nature within our own homes. With Spring approaching and the days becoming longer and more inviting, this is the perfect opportunity to make your outdoor spaces beautiful and functional! Whether they are large or small areas, here are some tips and suggestions to decorate your terrace, balcony, or garden and make the most of them 🙂

Exterior decoration on the garden

1. Furniture

We love comfortable and practical outdoor spaces that are ideal for leisure and relaxation, allowing us to make the most of our homes. Iron, wood, and rope are some of our favourite materials for outdoor furniture. They are neutral and timeless materials that are highly resistant and durable, which is essential for decorating balconies, terraces, and gardens since the furniture will be exposed to heat, cold, and humidity. The same consideration applies to textiles, but there are many options with beautiful fabrics that are fully prepared to withstand any weather conditions. At RIMA, we particularly enjoy using colourful decorative pillows as they bring more life to the space while enhancing its comfort.

Remember that, before anything else, it’s important to define the purpose of the space. Outdoor spaces can serve various purposes, and we can create multiple zones within the same area, such as dining, relaxing, or playing. Start by analysing the available area, defining the zones you want to create, and choose furniture based on these factors.

Exterior decoration with furniture

2. Plants

Plants are essential for decorating any space, whether indoors or outdoors. they add colour and life to the overall composition, improve air quality, and provide that connection with nature that greatly contributes to our well-being. If you have a smaller balcony or even a marquee, you can opt for a vertical garden and create a green corner without occupying much space. Hanging pots also work very well in outdoor spaces as they add dimension, especially in small balconies.

Plants in a exterior decoration

3. Reuse and DIY

Sometimes, we may not have the necessary budget to invest in outdoor furniture. In these cases, we can try reusing other furniture pieces and adapt them with specific treatments and/or outdoor fabrics. Woods should be varnished with suitable products, and upholstery, pillows, and poufs can also be adapted with outdoor fabrics. Another low-cost solution is to create sofas and tables using wooden pallets, but these should also receive some treatment to become more resistant to outdoor conditions. As for the flooring, if you have an area you don’t like, you can opt for PVC rugs. They are resistant, environmentally friendly, and an excellent way to give a fresh look to the space when renovating the flooring is not possible.

Exterior decoration with furniture and accesories

4. Lighting

To enjoy the outdoor space at any time of the day, especially on warm summer nights, appropriate lighting is important. Depending on the purpose of the space, the lighting should be designed accordingly. For outdoor dining, you’ll need brighter lights, while for relaxation and socialising, you can opt for softer lighting. For the former, there are great solutions that function as lanterns, serving as both lamps and excellent table decorations. If relaxation is the goal, you can choose floor lamps placed in a corner and suspended lights strategically positioned to be visible when sitting on a sofa, pouf, or armchair. Remember that there are lighting options specifically designed for outdoor use with higher IP ratings. The higher the IP rating, the better the lighting’s resistance to moisture and water 😉

Lighting of exterior decoration

5. Privacy

Last but not least, privacy is essential to fully enjoy our outdoor space. Whether it’s a balcony, terrace, yard, or garden, it’s crucial to define the boundaries of the space or specific areas within a larger space to ensure some privacy and comfort. The solutions can be creative, ranging from wooden fences and bamboo screens to stone walls, shrubs, and plants. If additional protection is needed, pergolas or awnings are excellent options for creating shaded areas. Besides preserving our privacy, these elements contribute to isolating the space, providing greater comfort and tranquility during moments of relaxation.

Privacy in outdoor decoration

These are some essential tips to prepare your outdoor spaces for the upcoming spring days. We will continue sharing ideas and projects to inspire you and help you make the most of your homes! If you liked any of the suggested products or have any decoration-related questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form🙂