5 decoration tips to renovate your home

5 dicas de decoração para renovar a sua casa

Since the emergence of the pandemic, we have started looking at our homes from a different perspective. The restrictions and lockdowns have made us spend more time at home, and it is precisely when we utilise the spaces in a more comprehensive and complete way that we realise they can be improved, whether through a total renovation or just decoration and organisation. Today, we share some simple and easy ideas to enhance the decoration of your homes, which you can put into practice as soon as this weekend.

Remodel your home

1. Paint the walls

No matter how hard we try to keep the walls of our house clean over time, it is important to paint them periodically. This is a quick way to improve the appearance of the house with minimal investment, especially if you do it yourself. You can choose to paint all the walls the same colour, ensuring a cleaner, brighter, and more uniform look. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to make some changes by choosing new tones or even applying wallpaper to give a fresh look to a specific space. Take a look at the example of Casa Mourinha, where we used original wallpaper to highlight one of the rooms.

Casa Mourinha project and decoration of a wall

2. Declutter and organise

Any room, whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or pantry, will instantly look more beautiful if the objects are organised and arranged in a harmonious way. However, to maintain a tidy and organised home, it is important to declutter from time to time, and we have some tips to help you with that. Start by dividing the decluttering into zones and designate one zone per day, for example. This way, you won’t risk becoming overwhelmed (or demotivated) by a general, intensive, and endless decluttering task. Once you have selected what you don’t need and what you really want to keep, it will be much easier to organise and arrange each part of the house, achieving a more beautiful and harmonious look and feel. One last tip: boxes and baskets are essential storage items and great allies for organisation and maximising space utilisation.

3. Change the colours

Change the colours It’s natural to feel tired of the decoration we have chosen for the living room or bedroom after a while. However, this doesn’t mean you need to completely change the design of the space to make it appealing again. Sometimes, simply changing the colour palette can breathe new life into the decor and adapt it to new trends. If you need some extra inspiration, you can start by searching on Pinterest to decide which tones you want to invest in. The easiest way to refresh the look of your home is by renewing textile items such as pillow covers, blankets, and curtains. These elements can be easily replaced and give a new look to the house with minimal investment.

4. Fill the walls

Walls play a significant role in the decoration of any space. When they are too empty, they can contribute to an unfinished, cold, and impersonal look. An easy way to make your home more inviting and complete is by adding artwork, hooks, mirrors, or other decorations to fill the walls. These decorative elements, when aligned with the rest of the decoration, can make a significant difference in the design of the space, providing the finishing touch that was missing in that particular room and making it more special. An irregular-shaped mirror always looks great and is a trend we love, as well as decorations made from natural materials like baskets, tapestries, and macramé.

5. Plants and flower vases

Another way to instantly make our homes more beautiful is by having plants and flower vases in various rooms. In addition to bringing more life to the spaces, plants and flowers provide us with the connection to nature that we need and make the decor feel more natural and organic. In our projects, we always prioritise natural plants, but if you’re looking for low-maintenance options, there are artificial plants that look very natural, as well as natural plants that are more resilient, such as the Snake Plant, which easily adapts to any space and requires minimal care. And for decorating vases, you can choose dried flowers instead of fresh ones, which don’t require water or any maintenance.

These are some easy tips to improve the decoration of your home with minimal effort or investment, and you can easily put them into practice during this confinement. In addition to creating a more comfortable and personalised space, this is a different way to entertain yourself and invest your free time, which will undoubtedly bring you a lot of satisfaction and well-being. Share the results with us by tagging us on Instagram @rima.interiordesign and on Facebook @Rima Design.